Obstination is not easy but it is essential,it must be a "subliming" obstination.Must be "subliming"in the sense that without real sublime obstination you stay at the perimeter of art.You don’t get "in" art.You stay around,but you don’t get in.Subliming obstination,for me,doesn’t mean that you decide something and you just do it.This ist not enough because you may do the wrong thing.This is not obstination;this is just being silly.So to be a true,obstination must be copulated with another bigger quality,that is,"enlightened intelligence".So you have to be permeable.You have to be intelligent but permeable.You must listen to people.You must listen.And this is very important because it’s almost a contradiction.Because it’s quite easy to be obstinatedof you are just obstinate.You don’t listen to anybody.You just do what you want.Not very good.This is not really interesting.You have to be obstinate but at the same time,light,permeable.The intelligence must be light,must be done in such way that you listen to people,you listen to everything.
                                                                                                 ————–    Renzo Piano

2 responses to this post.

  1. :)钢琴先生的话一向都很精辟。看来我们要走的路还很长。


  2. 9.18的飞机哦,定过票了



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